While the Law Office of RC Pate mainly focuses on DWI, I also handle all criminal matters. I'll use my skills to help you or a loved one with whatever situation you may be in - from traffic tickets to murders (and everything in between).

A great criminal defense has to be founded on knowledge of the rules of evidence and a mind for trial. I prepare every case as if we were eventually going to try the case. The decision of whether to ultimately take a plea deal is always the client's decision to make, but I never prepare as if that is how the case will play out. The reason we prepare each case this way is that the leverage we have to get a better plea bargain in a given case is how the case will play out at trial. We want the most leverage we can get.


At the Law Office of RC Pate, we take your Criminal Defense case very seriously. We have successfully defended individuals in everything from drug cases to assaultive offenses. In each case we want to start our defense with understanding what kind of evidence the prosecutor will have against you. We focus on two aspects: what parts of that evidence we can object to, and what parts we can contradict.



Defending a criminal case comes down to knowing three different sets of rules. The first is the rules of Constitutional Law that apply in criminal cases. These include cases from the United State Supreme Court, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, as well as special provisions of laws in Texas. RC has given classes to the Texas DWI Lawyers Association about these cases to other lawyers in what is called continuing legal education.

The second set of rules a Criminal Defense Lawyer must have a comprehensive knowledge of is the rules of evidence. In a courtroom there are specific rules for how evidence is allowed to be presented to a jury. Just because the prosecution knows a fact (or thinks they know a fact) does not mean the jury gets to hear about it. Knowing these rules is important to trying to keep evidence out of the purview of a jury when it is unfavorable, and in getting it in front of a jury when it is favorable.

The third set of rules that a Criminal Defense Lawyer must have a working knowledge of is the rules of argument. In order to convince someone of something, you must be persuasively compelling. Being compelling means different things depending on who you are talking to. Certain arguments are made to prosecutors, others to judges, and yet another type to juries. They might all be advocating for the same outcome for the same client, but you take on a different tone and rhetorical approach to be convincing to each audience. A good Criminal Defense Lawyer understands these principals and uses them to their client's advantage on a routine basis.


It is important that your Criminal Defense Lawyer listen to your side of the story. It is also important that he reviews the evidence that the state has against you. RC focuses on this strategy to defend his clients.


If you or anyone you know needs help with Criminal Defense, call us today. The Law Office of RC Pate looks forward to talking to you about the specific details of your case. We want to find the right case law, evidentiary objections, and types of arguments that will get a good result in your case. Every case is different, let me put my skills to work for you.