If you are arrested for Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, you are not being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated for Drugs. Driving under the influence of drugs is not a separate crime of its own, but a subset of Driving While Intoxicated. It doesn't matter whether your case involves intoxication from alcohol or narcotics, it is still a Driving While Intoxicated case. If your case involves intoxication for drugs, it does take a different set of knowledge and skills however. If your case involves intoxication for Drugs, you should check out our Driving While Intoxicated for Drugs page.


In San Antonio, a DUI Arrest in Texas only applies to people under 21. If you were above the age of 21 when arrested, it might have been for DWI or DWI from drugs.

The elements of a DUI Arrest in Texas are (1)any person (2)under age the of 21 with (3)any detectable level of alcohol (4)operating a motor vehicle (5) in Texas.

A Driving Under the Influence case can only be given to people under the age of 21. These cases can sometimes be given as tickets instead of the accused being arrested and having to post a bond.


What is special about a DUI?

A DUI Charge in Texas is a Class C misdemeanor. A Class C misdemeanor means it is handled in either a Justice of the Peace or Municipal Court. A person cannot serve jail time for a DUI Arrest! All Class C misdemeanors, including DUI, if handled correctly, can be expunged. Being eligible for expunction is huge, as it can mean a complete legal erasure and sealing of the charge. That's right, the Law Office of RC Pate might be able to get your DUI charge completely off your record.

DUI arrests are handled in either a Municipal Court or a Justice of the Peace court. The Judges in these types of courts do not even have to be lawyers, which makes it difficult for a non-lawyer to always achieve the same results as somoene who knows the law. Depending on which court your case is assigned to, the Law Office of RC Pate might be able to handle the case without you even going to court. It is part of the law on these cases that the person have to do some community service, pay a fee, and do an alcohol awareness class.


If you hire the Law Office of RC Pate to help with your DUI case in Texas, he might be able to handle the case without you even showing up. This is depending upon the particular court that the case is assigned to, but many Judges will let the lawyer appear for a client in a Class C misdemeanor situation.

In most cases any resolution of a DUI Arrest will involve you having to take an alcohol awareness course. These courses can be taken online. After you complete the terms of a deal, we likely will be able to get your case expunged.


If you have questions about your DUI arrest, or how it should be handled, contact a DUI attorney at The Law Office of RC Pate today. For every person who calls in, we will do a no obligation explanation of the process involved and what you can expect. We will do our best to accurately answer any questions you have about the case. Give us a call to talk about you DUI charge in Texas today.