Meet RC

I got into criminal law because I enjoy helping people.

I never enjoyed family law cases because even if you get your client everything they want out of a case, chances are that they will still be unhappy. On the other hand, people who need representation for criminal cases are always thankful for the work you do for them, and that is much more fulfilling to me.

But before that, I was just a college kid.

When I was in college, I studied physics, religion, mathematics and philosophy. After graduating, I played in a band and wrapped presents at Dillard's for a living while applying for better jobs. I applied to Teach For America, but they didn't read my application because there were simply too many people applying at the time. I decided to pursue something other than teaching and, with my father's guidance, I took the LSAT and began law school at the University of Houston.

"I'm called the DWI Guru for a reason. I know all there is to know about DWIs."

After law school, I served as a prosecutor for two and a half years in San Antonio. I worked my way up the chain of command, but when I was told that I couldn't be promoted unless I cut my hair, I quit. During my time as a prosecutor, I tried many people for DWIs and my first DWI client hired me the day I left the district attorney's office. At first, I would handle whatever case people would pay me for. I partnered with another attorney who focused on DWIs and eventually decided to model my firm after his.

When I'm not in the office, I have many different hobbies. I coach my three-year-old daughter's soccer team and am a captain on my own co-ed soccer team, which I am proud to say is heading to the state championship for the third year in a row. In addition, I play on a flag football team with my wife but when I'm not doing something athletic, I am probably playing Settlers of Catan.


  • JD - University of Houston
  • BA, Physics & Religion - Trinity University with minors in mathematics and philosophy

Professional Association & Membership

  • ACS Forensic Lawyer-Scientist (2015 - Current)
  • San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (2010 - Current)
  • Editor Defender Magazine (2016 - Current)
  • National College of DUI Defense (2014 - Current)
  • DUI Defense Lawyers Association (2015 - Current
  • Texas DWI Lawyers Association Board Member (2015 - Current)